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We specialize in:

Fiber Optic Splicing: We have experience with a variety of cables including different models of OPGW, ADSS, small and large fiber counts ranging anywhere from 2ct to 864ct, single fiber cables of any make including buffer tube and multiple bundles wrapped with color coordinated strings, to ribbon fiber cables of any kind. Backbone and long haul runs, span routing, terminations and inside plant, mid-span entries (ring cuts), equal distance diverse routing (for stock market trading), lateral cable installation, cable routing/re-routing, documentation and network analysis including documenting existing enclosures splices (with little to no impact on service), cable routes, and many other specialty projects.

Fiber Optic Testing: Troubleshooting, span testing, long range / long haul testing, Power, ORL and FOC testing, loss analysis, patching, and final documentation.

Equipment Installation: We can help plan and coordinate, rack, stack, and power any and all communications equipment used in today’s modern networking environment.

Facility infrastructure installation: We can install racks, cabinets, fiber trough (fiber guide), ladder rack, grounding, -48 wiring and just about anything else associated with infrastructure network installations.

Troubleshooting: We can pin-point damages to within feet, fix outages, restore broken fibers / enclosures, temporary solutions to damages or kinks (where service may be affected but is not completely down).

Enclosure Replacement: We can replace enclosures that are either damaged, or filled to capacity usually with minimal or even no impact on customer service and integrity. (This is contingent upon existing enclosure and quality of original work in existing enclosure).

Emergency Restoration: We are simply your best solution for emergency restoration. When it comes to getting your customers back up and running in as little down time as possible we can accommodate! From the point of prepping cable to finished splicing, most restorations up to 864 fibers are guaranteed to be completed within a window of 12 hours.

Consulting: We offer consulting on communications projects. Don’t know what to spec? Which connectors? Type of fiber? Type of infrastructure? We can help determine what will be the best solution for you and your company to ensure quality, longevity, serviceability, and of course peace of mind knowing that your network will work to its fullest potential.

Copper Splicing: We offer copper splicing services. Even though not as common as it once was we have the technicians that can easily accommodate whatever copper application you require for your project.

If you have any questions, or simply don’t see your specific application listed, please feel free to call or send us a message any time and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can! Thanks again for looking, and we hope that you will choose 3B Communications Services for all your communications needs!