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Personalized Installations

We aim to get you what you want, when you want it!  You have a criteria that your network spans needs to meet, and exceed where possible.  As if that's not enough, there are deadlines and schedules to worry about as well.  With our experience and expertise we can help not only plan and spec materials and components, but also foresee certain obstacles and delays before they become issues impacting the project negatively.  If issues do arise, we look for solutions and creative ideas to get the project completed then and there - minimizing time lost and additional costs.

Experienced Professionals

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have extremely knowledgeable and dedicated members on our team of professionals with decades of combined experience.  Along with that experience, we also take great care in areas of network documentation, physical network mapping, updating & redlining, and location accuracy to mention a few. 

Competitive Solutions

We are an IBEW Local affiliated company that strives to perform the best work possible, on time and under budget.  Our technicians not only undergo a four year communications training apprenticeship program through their union, but also get on the job real world training under master technicians from day one ensuring they become confident in performing the tasks at hand.  We strive to find, teach, and keep only the best qualified candidates on our team before deploying them into live customer networks.  


Fiber Optics

We have experience with a variety of cables (prepping, splicing, testing) including different models of OPGW, ADSS, small and large fiber counts ranging anywhere from 2ct to 864ct, single fiber cables of any make including buffer tube and multiple bundles wrapped with color coordinated strings, to ribbon fiber cables of any kind.  Backbone and long haul runs, span routing, risers and terminations, ISP, OSP, mid-span entries (ring cuts), equal distance diverse routing (for stock market trading), lateral cable installation, cable routing/re-routing, documentation, redlining/updating, and network analysis including auditing existing enclosure splices (with little to no impact on  service), cable routing, and many other specialty projects.  Fiber optic testing including troubleshooting, span testing, long range/long haul testing, power testing,  ORL, and Fiber Optic Characterization testing, loss analysis, patching, labeling and final documentation.  Also, we can help plan and coordinate, rack, stack, and power any and all communications equipment used in today’s modern networking environments.  We have experience installing racks, cabinets, fiber trough (fiber guide), ladder rack, grounding, -48 wiring and just about anything else associated with infrastructure network installations.

  We offer enclosure replacement for locations that are either damaged, or filled to capacity sometimes even with minimal or no impact on customer service and integrity. (This is contingent upon existing enclosure condition and quality of previous and original work in existing enclosure).  

Don’t know what to spec?  Which connectors? Type of fiber? Type of infrastructure?  We offer consulting on communications projects!  We can help  determine what will be the best solution for you and your company to ensure quality, longevity, serviceability, and of course peace of mind knowing that your network will be operating to it's fullest potential!  

If you have any questions, or simply don’t see your specific application listed, please feel free to call or send us a message any time and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can!    

Emergency Restoration

We are simply your best solution for emergency restoration, period. When it comes to getting your customers back up and running with as little down time as possible you need to call us! We have vast experience with many types of cable restorations from instances as minor as downed fibers due to squirrel damage, to fires that have destroyed major back bone runs, train derailments, car accidents, and almost anything you can think of!  

Network Troubleshooting

We can generally pin-point damages to within feet, fix outages, restore broken fibers and/or enclosures, locate and repair fractures, re-terminate fiber connectors or splices in existing fiber panels, find temporary solutions to cable damages, microbends, or cable 'kinks' (where  service may be affected but is not completely down).  We shine where many others fail to find a solution simply because of our past experiences and understanding of fiber optics and network routing/design.

Contact Us

We strive to supply the absolute best customer service with minimal response times or delays - More often than not, someone is in the office to answer calls and emails, but in the event that no one is available, rest assured we can be reached 24 hours/day to respond to any emergency and/or restoration calls

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